How to make money from online blogging

How to make money on online Blogging

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

Writing for a blog starts with the basic stage that upholds your substance. At times, you might pick a self-facilitated blog (WordPress or Phantom) or you might be searching for a pre-monetized contribution to a blog stage like Medium, Vocal, or HubPages. Notwithstanding, these are only a couple of the choices that scholars looking for the best writing for a blog stage to bring in cash have.



How to make money on online Blogging

How to make money from online blogging?

In 2023, contributing to a blog has proceeded to develop, and with this development, has come to a change in the thing viewed as publishing content to a blog stage.


Notwithstanding the recently referenced stages, bloggers can now decide to distribute their substance in miniature contributing to blog locales with recently executed installment highlights (Twitter or Tumblr). They can likewise investigate contributing to a blog cross-breed destinations, which give essayists instruments past writing for a blog, (for example, the pamphlet highlighted presented by Substack).

With every one of these contributing to a blog stage accessible, it very well may be difficult to sort out which publishing content to a blog stage is best for you. This article will explicitly look at the best contributing to a blog stage to bring in cash.

Best Blogging Platforms to Make Money

1. WordPress

How to make money on online Blogging

How to make money from online blogging using WordPress. WordPress is one of the world’s most famous open-source stages. It is usually utilized as a substance of the board framework (CMS) for sites, as well as with respect to publishing content to a blog. The allure of WordPress is that no specialized information or experience is expected to utilize it. WordPress is used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, and even Fortune 500 organizations.


In spite of the fact that it calls for more investment and exertion than “monetized” contributing to a blog stage like Medium, and Vocal. Media, and HubPages, give bloggers genuine responsibility for the content and take out the dangers of being de-platformed or being unfavorably impacted by calculation changes at these different stages.


WordPress is additionally simple to use since it has many laid-out organizations with web-facilitating suppliers, like Bluehost. This makes setting up a self-facilitated blog a lot more straightforward than it was a long time back.

Powers 40% of all sites on the web.

Offers different ways of adapting content.

Bloggers own and control 100 percent of their substance.


How to make money on online Blogging

How to make money from online blogging using  using Ghost .Apparition is an open-source publishing of content to a blog stage for essayists and columnists. It flaunts a moderate and clear UI that improves publishing content for a blog for its clients. Apparition offers Website optimization devices and modules that are incorporated into the product, making it simple for clients to advance their substance. The Phantom stage is used by novice bloggers, as well as experienced editors based at large media associations.


What truly separates Apparition from other writing for a blog stage is the scope of administrations you can undoubtedly offer. This is progressively significant in a universe of blog half-breed items, for example, membership pamphlets, participation locales, gated computerized content, offering courses, and selling computerized items.

Provides bloggers with an extensive variety of distributing devices.

Charges level month-to-month expenses paying little heed to income.

You own and control 100 percent of your substance

3. Medium

How to make money on online Blogging

How to make money from online blogging using medium .Medium is one of the most famous contributors to the blog and computerized distributing stages on the Web. It permits anybody to effortlessly make and distribute a blog entry, with a smooth and moderate plan. Medium is well known among essayists in view of its Accomplice Program which permits authors to get compensated for articles that are posted on the stage.


Medium is exceptional in light of the fact that it is presumably the absolute best publishing content to a blog stage for essayists who simply need to compose, fabricate a group of people, and get compensated. Medium pays journalists in view of complete part understanding time and gives scholars an underlying crowd. It likewise is free and disposes of any work expected to begin your own site.


All things considered, Medium isn’t the best writing for a blog stage to bring in cash for each blogger. Normally, the bloggers who do the best on Medium are those that use the stage to fabricate a group of people, bring in a little cash with the Accomplice Program, at the end of the day, in the long run, relocate to their own foundation (WordPress or Phantom) or adapt their writing another way (membership pamphlets with Substack).

Gives an incredibly low boundary of sections for bloggers.

Has an inherent adaptation framework which is great for new scholars.

High Space Authority (DA) assists articles with positioning in Google list items.

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4. Substack

How to make money on online Blogging

Substack simplifies it for an essayist to begin an email pamphlet that brings in cash from memberships. Substack gives web and bulletin-distributing devices that are meticulously designed for paid memberships. Substack is well-known to numerous scholars since it’s an across-the-board answer for authors hoping to adapt their bulletin. Substack additionally permits sound makers the capacity to charge and convey their webcasts through Substack’s bulletin conveyance framework.


While numerous bloggers partner Substack with pamphlets than with contributing to a blog, Substack is really a crossover of the two models. You can (1) send supporters pamphlet posts and (2) have those posts distributed on your Substack bulletin space, similar to a customary blog entry.


Offers bloggers a mixture of bulletin publishing content to a blog stage.

Handles the calculated issues related to running your own bulletin.

Distributing is free and Substack just takes a cut of paid endorser income (and it is discretionary to empower adaptation).

Shared hosting at just $3.88/mo!

5. Vocal.Media

How to make money on online Blogging

Vocal. Media is a stage for supporting, finding, and remunerating makers. Vocal gives the narrating apparatuses and drew in networks for essayists, performers, producers, specialists, and a wide range of creatives to get found and assert their imagination. The vocal was intended to grow the crowd for content dispersion and advance authors’ endeavors on adapting their substance through different elements.


Vocal assists essayists with procuring in perhaps a couple of ways.


In the first place, Vocal pays makers in view of how much “peruses” their accounts get.


Vocal makers are paid $3.80 per 1000 peruses.

Vocal+ makers are paid $6.00/1000 peruses.

Second, Vocal additionally works with tips from your fans. Tipping permits your perusers to pay you straightforwardly for your accounts, with micro payments that go straight into your Stripe account.


Clear installment structure for bloggers.

Implicit adaptation program.


Offers both a free and premium rendition of its foundation.

6. HubPages

How to make money on online Blogging

HubPages is a client-created content, and income-sharing site established in 2006. The organization moved from a solitary site to a multi-site plan of action in 2016. The stage that allows you to distribute articles and you can bring in cash from those articles, is contingent upon the number of perspectives they get.


The HubPages essayist installment framework depends on a recipe that essentially gauges site hits and your article’s commitment to showing ad achievement.


In any case, in the event that you are hoping to fabricate a group of people and remain on the cusp of new writing for a blog innovation, you might have to think about some HubPages options, like Medium, and Mirror. XYZ, or Phantom.


Free writing for a blog stage.

Implicit adaptation framework for bloggers.

Has a genuinely settled crowd.

7. NewsBreak

How to make money on online Blogging

NewsBreak is a nearby news collection and computerized distributing stage. The substance from this stage is to a great extent included in the NewsBreak capabilities versatile application. NewsBreak presently flaunts 23 million month-to-month clients with a developing organization of in excess of 10,000 substance suppliers. Sensor Pinnacle assessed the application has in excess of 50 million introduces all around the world across iOS and Android gadgets, among which almost 100% are from the U.S.



While NewsBreak may not charge itself as a “writing for a blog” stage, it basically is. The primary distinction between NewsBreak and a considerable lot of different stages on this rundown is that there is an inclination for content that is time-delicate and relates to local issues.


Permits bloggers to adapt “time-delicate” content like news, nearby occasions, and issues.

Journalists get a level installment for each article + income share in view of article execution.


Ready to arrange different installment terms with various bloggers.

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8. Tumblr

How to make money on online Blogging

In spite of the fact that Tumblr has had an enormous crowd for a really long time, there was to a lesser degree a reasonable way for makers to adapt their substance. Presently, Tumblr is getting the fight together with Post+, the stage’s most memorable effort to permit clients to adapt their substance.


Tumblr’s Post+ allows makers to pick which content they need to put behind a paywall, whether that is the unique craftsmanship, individual blog entries, or Destiel fanfic. Makers can set the cost for their supporters just happy beginning at $3.99 each month, with extra levels at $5.99 and $9.99. Tumblr will take a 5% cut from maker benefits.


Huge crowd.

The wide site reaches a web-based entertainment stage.

History of being agreeable to its substance makers.

9. Wattpad

How to make money on online Blogging

Wattpad unites writers and perusers online through its site and portable application. The stage is free for all clients and advances a social local area experience in light of the first stories that are shared. Both novice and laid-out essayists distribute stories on Wattpad from a wide assortment of kinds, including Youthful Grown-up fiction, sentiment, dream, and techno-spine chillers. Wattpad has consistently filled in notoriety, arriving at 80 million perusers and essayists, because of its usability and straightforward plan of action.


Enormous fanbase and crowd of expected perusers.

Offers essayists who need to distribute longer structure fiction an extraordinary method for adapting their substance.

One of the just contributing to a blog stage designed for fiction.

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10. Steemit

How to make money on online Blogging

Steemit is a writer for a blog stage with an informal community and cryptographic money part. It gets a portion of the highlights of Reddit in that it permits clients to upvote and downvote content, as well as follow points, have conversations, and submit content of their own. Be that as it may, clients likewise can procure a portion of their incomes as Steem digital money. Content makers, individuals who curate content, and analysts all have a valuable chance to get compensated.


One of the most established blockchain-based publishing content to a blog stage.

Interesting installment techniques.

You own and control 100 percent of your substance through the stage’s decentralized design

11. Write. as

How to make money on online Blogging is a nitty gritty, interruption-free stage for journalists who need to compose and distribute their substance with next to no problem. It offers straightforward highlights and apparatuses outfitted towards empowering the fundamental demonstration of composing. Clients can compose namelessly or set up a profile to make an assortment of content, including short blog entries or nitty gritty reports. The writer can decide to keep their work from the world on, sharing the immediate connection with companions, or distributing it on different stages.


One of the most secure arranged to contribute to a blog stage.

Gives bloggers an interruption and mess-free point of interaction.

Medium-like distributing instruments.

12. Blogger

How to make money on online Blogging

Blogger is among the least demanding devices for beginning a blog. It is allowed to utilize and empowers scholars to impart their contemplations to insignificant exertion rapidly. Blog passages are distributed with a period stamp and clients can add pictures, recordings, and other substances. It is claimed by Google, permitting anybody with a Gmail record to rapidly get everything rolling on Blogger free of charge. Clients can plan their sites with various layouts or make their own plans without any preparation. There is likewise an opportunity for clients to adapt their online journals utilizing AdSense.


Powers 40% of all sites on the web

Offers different ways of adapting content

You own and control 100 percent of your substance

13. Twitter

How to make money on online Blogging

Twitter is exploring different avenues regarding Super Follows, which will permit Twitter clients to charge devotees and give them admittance to additional substance. That could be extra tweets, admittance to a local gathering, membership to a bulletin, or an identification showing your help. Twitter considers it to be a method for letting makers and distributors get compensated straight by their fans.


Offers scholars the opportunity to arrive at quite possibly the biggest internet-based crowd.

Permits bloggers to pick which of their substance is gated for paid supporters and which is wide open to their perusers.

Twitter is a laid-out stage that is progressively connected to a maker’s very own image.

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With regards to picking the best publishing content for a blog stage to bring in cash, essayists have numerous choices. In any case, on the off chance that you pick publishing content to a blog stage from the rundown over, the chances of adapting your web-based composing will increment essentially.


In the event that you are keen on turning into a fruitful blogger, consider taking our Medium Composing Course or our Substack Bulletin Course. You can likewise pursue our bulletin, Writing for a blog Guide, which contains computerized distributing experiences on every one of the stages referenced above, and that’s just the beginning!

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